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Winter Printmaker Cards


The Place For Original, Individual, Handmade, Home Grown, Contemporary Craft.

Britain has a rich heritage of craftsmanship that continues to this day. In studios and workshops across the nation you will find people creating beautiful products, crafted with skill, love, passion and creative talented. Work that is produced using time honoured skills and techniques, either in a traditional way or with a fresh contemporary twist... and that is exactly what we source and stock. We have a passion for quality, innovation and style - and the creative and wonderfully talented small business.

Our philosophy has always been to ensure good quality, individuality and uniqueness, together with a friendly and efficient service. Now that we have moved on to the internet, we still apply that same principle to the world of ecommerce. This may be a virtual world but we are real people at Down To Earth and would be delighted for you to contact us by email or phone with questions and feedback.

We hope that you will find something that you love - that is charming, unique and carefully-made, and where you can always find the most inspirational and wonderful things.