Pink Spoons Preserve Label Gift Kits 6.50 Offer 4.50

Pink Spoons Preserve Label Gift Kits 6.50 Offer 4.50
Our Price: 4.50

Normal Price: 6.50
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A Mac and Ninny Preserve Label Gift Kit turns your handmade preserves into beautiful presents. It contains everything you need to create the perfect gift, with enough jar tops, self adhesive labels and gift tags to dress a dozen jars.

The jar tops are made from wonderful, food safe greaseproof paper and included is a generous amount of twine- enough to tie the perfect bow on each jar. 12 elastic bands are included to help you secure the jar tops, without needing a second pair of hands.

The kit contains 12 self adhesive jar labels, 12 jar tops, 12 gift tags, 12 elastic bands and 6m of twine.

You supply 12 jars of your handmade preserves.

You can create one dozen gifts.

Proudly designed and made in the UK

How do I use the kit?

Step 1: Make jam / marmalade / chutney / pickled vegetables.

Step 2: Place in a jar Ė donít forget to sterilise the jar first or you could be giving something extra with your gift!

Step 3: Open a Mac and Ninny Preserve Gift Kit and transform your preserves into beautiful gifts (you can dress a dozen jars with one kit).

Step 4: Give your gifts and look out for lots of smiles!

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